Malapascua; Settling in and Exploring

Finally on paradise island. Had an interesting drive from the hotel to port Maya, saw so much stuff, but they drive so crazy, not caring about road signs or if we’re heading into oncoming traffic. I honestly thought we were going to run over kids x4, run over animals x6 and crash definitely more than 10 times but made it!

So when I first arrived I was literally fine allll day, met everyone, found my room, sorted equipement etc, but then we all went for dinner and it just hit me. I felt really sick and couldnt eat, upset that anxiety has to creep up when there was no reason for it too, I was perfectly happy. I guess subconciously there was a lot to get used to like the climate, new people, new place etc. I felt quite embarrassed because my first time meeting these people and I randomly start crying in the middle of dinner.

The main thing going through my mind being ‘how can I be a diving instructor if I’m weak or need time out for anxiety reasons’, but I took some deep breaths and told a couple of people how I was feeling which was comforting and they helped me stay positive.

Despite not being able to dive at the moment (more in next post), I have had a couple of days to get used to the island, explore & meet the locals. I am absoloutely gutted that I’m unable to dive but things don’t always go to plan, sometimes you just have to take life at your own pace.

However, this island is too beautiful to not make the most of, so here are some photos, with more blogs to come soon.

One thought on “Malapascua; Settling in and Exploring

  1. Lovely to know you got there safely. Stay positive and think of the longer term plan. Life is an adventure and we all suffer it’s ups and downs. Enjoy the ups and kick the downs away. You can do this. We are all living your dream through your amazing photography. Stay positive. Kx

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