First Dive Fail

So after not being allowed in the water for a week now because of my stupid ‘epilepsy’ I was finally allowed to do my refresher and I was soooo excited. Had a good sleep, was keen and arrived an hour & a half early, signed things that needed to be signed and got all my equipment together. Sounds good so far right?

Got on the boat (which I also found exciting) and set of to Lapus to find some shallowish water (4/5m) so I could practise some of the skills that I haven’t done in over a year now and get back into the swing of things. But so far my luck on this island hasn’t been the best, although I have been trying to stay positive through it all.

I put my scuba unit on and took a giant stride into the ocean (finally!!), checked my buoyancy, all okay, started descending but kept floating up. I got given an extra kg of weight to help me go down but my pretty much new BCD clearly didn’t want me to do well. The weights kept falling out, it kept inflating on its own, it just was not working and was really getting to me. It also didn’t help that my mask kept fogging up every 2 mins so I couldnt even see what I was doing for the whole 5 minutes I ended up underwater. Yep, 5 fricking minutes. So we had to abort the dive and head back to the boat, where I just sat looking out to sea with quite a few tears rolling down my face as I was so excited to finally be doing what I came here for but nope. Oh, and then my hat blew off into the sea on the way back 😐. It’s almost like the days I feel most positive the most goes wrong.

I know there’s always a solution but I’ve had so many hurdles thrown at me already and it’s only been a week…so it does get to me sometimes, especially when everyone else is going on a dive or 2 or 3 and all I can do it watch, wait and hear about all the cool things they saw. But I guess challenges are what makes you stronger as a person, even though times can be tough. Hopefully the refresher tomorrow will go better than today and I can finally get into the whole scuba things again.

On a lighter note, we did an island/beach clean yesterday which was very successful even though it was shocking at the amount we collected in only an hour, but every little helps and we plan on doing this at least once a week♻️

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