Back In The Water! (mostly)

Just a quick post to say that I’m finally allowed to dive again after the refresher that finally went to plan! Well mostly…I’ve still got to to go to the hospital in Cebu City to get a note from a neurologist in order to start Divemaster, because silly Cassie got far too excited to come away and forgot to do one of the most important things which was getting an up-to-date doctors note.

*If you plan on diving make sureĀ you’re note isĀ validĀ within the year or you’ll have issues with the PADI standards*

It got to me a lot at first as you know from my last couple of posts but I’m finally getting back into it slowly and accepting where I went wrong, which is fine, everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately I’m only allowed to dive with instructors rather than Divemasters which isn’t always possible everyday but its giving me a lot of time to do theory and think about where I want to take my life, while seeing the ocean in basically every direction I look.


I’ve also come to the huge decision that I will not be partaking in the Instructor course, I will just be doing Divemaster. Again, I think I got to excited for my own good and didn’t think about any logistics like forgetting things (lol) and after speaking to many people here (instructors, divemasters etc), they have sooo many dives compared to me, so much experience; I feel that I need to take things slow, do dive master & build up dives/experience over the next few years before taking part in the Instructor course. It’s also more fun being a divemaster because you can lead but also point out cool things so that definitely sounds better for now. Maybe I can incorporate my photography skills into this as well.

I’m really thankful for all the help and support I have got from some people here and how they were able to help me work around not being able to dive at first. I also did my Nitrox theory today and passed that so another positive even if it meant I had to stay on land! But here are some photos from the last few days in the water šŸ™‚

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