Snorkelling, Puppies & Exploring of Moalboal

*beware; a lot of photo’s in this post*

Moalboal was the perfect little getaway, especially after the news I got just over a week ago. Like I mentioned before, we had the ocean literally on the back of where we were staying, absolutely full of life, the most beautiful reefs  I’ve ever seen (so far) and TURTLES!! Even though it rained for the first few days and theres not massive amounts to do except for being in the ocean, we made the most of it and it was definitely the best few days.

They do offer a lot of sardine dives, as well as turtle snorkels, but considering we saw all of this (below) just from the shore, we didn’t feel the need to pay for these things. Although they were cheap, may as well make it cheaper and snorkel out there yourself! (which I highly recommend anyone doing if you ever get a chance to go, which I also highly recommend).

I got to see fish I’ve never seen before, from tiny to big. Lee even saw a huge tuna a bit further out so they really do have so much to offer, even Thresher Sharks if you’re really lucky and all you have to do is rent mask, snorkel and fins; I just had to hire fins/booties in which I paid 400 peso for 5 days (that’s around £6). I’m just happy to be able to get in the water with that feeling of weightlessness, taking photo’s and just taking everything in, feeling at peace.

After we finally got a day of no rain we decided to take a little stroll round to see what else the island has to offer…well we took a little stroll to find some baby goats but still. The sights are beautiful. The nature around Moalboal is truly amazing, but at the same time it contrasts quite a bit with how the locals live and is sometimes hard to believe that a whole family live in a small wooden shack with a tin roof. Although all the children seem so happy, riding bikes, laughing, and waving at us every time we walked passed. That’s all that matters and shows that just living life is enough to make you happy.

Speaking of happy, we didn’t find any baby goats, but we did get attacked by 2 puppies that came out of no where (not complaining) and they were sooo cute. That’s all I really have to say about the puppies but here’s some pictures because why not.

And just to end we’re going back to the ocean; here’s a video of the snorkelling in Moalboal 🌊💙

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