Marine & Natural History Photography Graduate, PADI Rescue, World Cetacean Alliance Whale Watching Guide.

I’m Cassie; currently a photography graduate from Falmouth University, soon to be Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor. Based in London but cannot wait to escape to tropical islands over the world to pursue my dream career, as well as living by the beach and being an advocate for all things ocean and travel.

I’ve never blogged before but there’s never a right time to start new things; find your passion and embrace it, share it. That’s why I started this blog, not just for others but for myself. It’s almost like a journal where I can see what challenges I’ve overcome, explain what I learn along the way and hopefully inspire people with the posts I write and the photographs I display of the beautiful world.

For now, you’ll be following me up too and through the Phillipines.

Until the next adventure 🙂